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Click on the topic below to read what our students have said about our classes:
Accent Reduction Reading/Vocabulary
Conversation Presentation Skills
Communication Skills Listening

Accent Reduction: Classes and Curriculum

  • “The training material is very good.”
  • “The teacher is knowledgeable and helped me to reduce my pronunciation errors.”
  • “The instructor corrected problem sounds for every individual.”
  • “The size of the class enables individual attention from the instructor.”
  • “I liked the techniques and tips for proper pronunciation.”
  • “This class makes me conscious of my endings and intonation.”
  • “I like using stress and intonation in words or whole sentences.”
  • “I liked the lessons on pronunciation, pitch, rhythm, pacing, and intonation.”
  • “I like the professional teaching. I will use what I learned in my meetings and presentations.”

Accent Reduction: Results

  • “I can speak more fluently.”
  • “I learned …correct intonation. I will use what I learned to enhance my communication skills with coworkers.”
  • “I can communicate more clearly to customers on the phone.”
  • “Now when I talk to my colleagues, they can understand me more easily.”
  • “I will try to make my speech more interesting to people by applying all rules (intonation, pitch, etc.) to my daily conversation and presentation.”
  • “I can use most of the skills from this class daily.”
  • “I can talk to associates with more confidence.”

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  • “This class can help me understand what people say at work.”
  • “I learned many idioms I couldn’t learn in Japanese schools. I will use what I learned in daily conversation and presentations.”
  • “This class is very helpful in phone conversations or daily e-mails.”
  • “I like the conversations in the class. They give me time to practice talking. I learned more idioms to practice in my work.”

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Socio-Cultural/Communication Skills

  • “I like the variety of expressions for the same situation…I will use more appropriate expressions to describe my opinions.”
  • “I like the role plays, situation dialogues, and that the instructor revises homework very carefully.”
  • “I can talk with colleagues in a more natural way.”
  • “I liked learning how to behave in the American way correctly.”
  • “This class is helpful for daily calls and meetings.”
  • “I learned the right ways to say things in different situations. I can be more politically correct when disagreeing.”

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Reading and Vocabulary

  • “I like the organized materials with practice sections…I learned more words to use to write appropriate notes.”
  • “I liked the instructor’s explanations… I will use what I learned to write e-mail and in conversation.”
  • “This class will help my reading speed."

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  • “I like the writing assignments and grammar exercises.”
  • “I like the work on verb tenses. I will use what I learned for e-mails, documentation, and even in conversation.”
  • “The instructor explained the material very clearly.”
  • “I liked the teacher’s corrections of my e-mails. I’ll use what I learned every day to build better communication.”
  • “This class makes me feel it’s fun to learn English grammar!”
  • “After this class, I will be more careful writing e-mail and with what I say in conversation. Before this class, I was not paying attention all the time.”
  • “The pace was right for me. It was not too fast or too slow.”

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Presentation Skills

  • “I like to study useful expressions and presentation techniques. I have to make presentations in my job many times. It is very useful to me that I studied in this class.”
  • “I will be using the tools from this class to be a presenter in meetings.”
  • “I like getting daily feedback after presenting/speaking in front of the class… I will apply the learned techniques to presentations.”

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  • “I like the small class…everyone can participate.”
  • “I like the way the teacher helped us do the exercises… I can understand people better in meetings.”
  • “This class helps me to understand conversation in real life…. It really helps me to understand in daily meetings and teleconferences.”
  • “I liked listening to conversations in different situations. I can understand what my colleagues say more.”
  • “I like listening from the tape and being able to write down the main points. It helps me to understand my coworkers better.”

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