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Beginning Quiz Answers

Intermediate Quiz Answers

Answers: Beginning Idiom Quiz

1. David’s dog is missing.

David misses his dog.
The dog misses David.
The dog cannot find David.
David cannot find his dog.

2. I need to pick up my children from school at 5:00 p.m.

I need to carry them.
I need to lift them.
I need to get them from school.
I need to choose them.

3. He told me to shut up.

Close the door.
Be quiet.
Speak more loudly.
Stop working.

4. That shirt is for sale.

The price is good.
You can buy that shirt.
The shirt is expensive.
The shirt is very nice.

5. Anne is looking up the number.

Anne knows the number.
Anne sees the number.
Anne is searching for the number.
Anne is counting.

Answers: Intermediate Idiom Quiz

1. My boss won't give me a break.

Help me.
Let me relax.
Work for me.
Hurt me.

2. I'm tired of eating in restaurants.

Sleepy from the food.
Want to go to sleep.
Ordered too much food.
Bored by restaurtants.

3. Gina has a new boyfriend again? What's up with that?!

Why did she do that?
That is good for her!
That is not good!
When did that happen?

4. My favorite jeans are worn out.

I wear them a lot.
They are comfortable.
They look old and used.
I wear them outside.

5. My brother is so hard-headed!


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