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At Englishworks, the key word is quality. We constantly revise and upgrade our curriculum using the best teaching methods and the most qualified instructors to ensure a successful learning experience.

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Accent Reduction/Pronunciation Listening Comprehension
Conversation Presentation
Grammar/Writing Intensive English
Reading/Vocabulary English for Special Purposes
Socio-Cultural Skills Test Preparation
Business English  

Course Content
Below is a partial list of current course offerings. Course materials include textbooks, CD’s, tapes, and binders of materials. Many courses incorporate videos or DVD’s into instruction.

Materials and courses are continually updated and redesigned. We choose and design only high-quality materials with proven instructional value. Contact us for more information.

Accent Reduction/Pronunciation

Accent Reduction
Do you have to repeat often in order for others to understand you? Do you want to speak more clearly and effectively to colleagues, customers, and others?

If you speak English fluently but want to improve your pronunciation, this class is for you. The instructor will do a written analysis of your speech in the beginning of the course.

The English sound system (basic rhythm, stress, intonation, pitch, and an overview of all vowel and consonant sounds) will be taught. Special attention will be given to problem sounds.

There will be extensive individual, pair, and group practice, as well as continuous instructor feedback.

Accent Reduction II
(Prerequisite: Accent Reduction I or instructor approval)

In this class, the instructor will review problem consonant and vowel sounds and the basic rules of stress, intonation, and rhythm.

There will be extensive study and practice of rhythm and stress patterns, variable intonation, reduction, thought groups, and linking for individuals, pairs, and groups.

As a class project, students will make a short presentation on a topic of their choice. Continuous instructor and peer feedback will be given.

Accent Reduction III
(Prerequisite: Accent Reduction II or instructor approval)

The instructor will build on the rules and principles presented in Accent Reduction I and II, with extensive opportunities for students to edit their own speech.

Working topics will be assigned by the teacher as well as chosen by individuals.

Focus will be on individual improvement in the context of continuous, in-depth teacher and peer feedback. The instructor will address individual problem areas and provide effective solution techniques.

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Presentation Skills

Are you nervous about speaking in front of people? Do you have to make presentations at meetings, before vendors, or at conferences?

This class will teach you effective strategies for presenting in English, including common language techniques, effective body language, using graphic aids, and preparing and organizing your material.

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Listening Comprehension

Listening Skills I

Is it difficult for you to understand spoken English at work, on the telephone, on the radio or TV, in meetings, or in everyday conversation? This class will give you strategies for improving your listening comprehension.

Students will listen to authentic excerpts from current news programs, videos, TV and radio programs and phone conversations and will use varied activities and exercises.

Listening Skills II
(Prerequisite: Listening Skills I or instructor approval.)

This class will further develop listening skills, including radio, TV, telephone, and conversation situations.

Students will expand their basic listening skills with opportunities to summarize and discuss assigned material. A variety of material will be presented for different purposes and focuses.

Advanced Listening
(Prerequisite: Listening Skills II or instructor approval.)

This class will contain materials with advanced speed, sentence structure and vocabulary to help bring the participants in the class “up to speed” in understanding movies, news broadcasts, talk shows, and more rapid conversation.

Current materials will be used for sharpening listening comprehension.

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Conversation I

Do you avoid using the telephone or talking to Americans? Do you usually speak your native language outside of work? This class is for intermediate-level students who want to become more comfortable and fluent in conversational English.

The instructor will present interesting and practical topics for learning vocabulary and everyday expressions the way you hear them in conversation, not the way you studied English in traditional textbooks. There will be lots of “talk time” for individual practice.

Conversation II
(Prerequisite: Conversation I or instructor approval)

In this class, individuals will continue working on expressing themselves in colloquial English, with a focus on vocabulary development and idiomatic language.

There will be more discussion time on interesting topics with ample practice time for individuals, and emphasis will be on developing and extending conversation.

Advanced Conversation
(Prerequisite: Conversation II or instructor approval)

This class will include discussion of current events (news topics from the newspaper, internet, radio, or TV) and areas of interest to the group. Students will take turns leading discussion groups and presenting material. Emphasis will be on effective expression to individuals and groups.

Advanced Conversation & Idioms
(Prerequisite: Conversation II or instructor approval.)

Can you express yourself naturally in English, or do you sound like a dictionary? If you need to “get with the program,” this class will help you do it.

Participants will discuss current events (news topics from the newspaper, internet, radio, or TV) and areas of interest to the group, with emphasis on idioms. Students will take turns leading discussion groups and presenting material. Emphasis will be on authentic and idiomatic expression.

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Grammar & Writing

Grammar & Writing I

This course will teach you to write clearly and effectively for everyday purposes inside and outside the workplace.

The instructor will focus on effective grammar, organization, content, and style with special focus on e-mails, memos, and letter-writing. The instructor will provide corrections and feedback on all written work submitted.

Grammar & Writing II
(Prerequisite: Grammar/Writing I or instructor approval)

In this class, the instructor will focus on more advanced verb patterns and sentence structure with a focus in incorporating effective grammar into business writing, including e-mails, performance reviews, business letters, summaries, and other writing forms. Instructor feedback will given on all in-class assignments and on weekly e-mail assignments.

Advanced Writing
(Prerequisite: Grammar/Writing II or instructor approval)

This class is designed for people who have a good understanding of English grammar rules but need help in developing and editing their writing. Together with the instructor, students will review their own and others’ writing for focus, clarity, organization, content, and style.

Suggestions and corrections will be made on working copies of students’ own writing, including white papers, reports, memos, e-mails, and articles. Written feedback will be given on all formal assignments.

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Reading & Vocabulary

Reading & Vocabulary I

Sound smarter, read smarter! Do you want to increase your reading speed, comprehension, and vocabulary? In this course, the instructor will teach reading strategies, including scanning, skimming, identifying the main idea, reading for details, and increasing reading speed and comprehension. Different techniques for improving your vocabulary will also be taught.

Reading & Vocabulary II

Is it difficult to understand the daily newspaper, news magazines, and literature? This course is for people who want to develop their reading and vocabulary skills further and become more informed about American culture and current events. Techniques for improving your vocabulary and using your reading knowledge in discussions will be taught.

Advanced Reading & Vocabulary

The material for this course will be actual readings taken from newspapers, magazines, internet sources, and books. Focus will be on understanding and applying critical thinking to the material and developing vocabulary.

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Business English

Business Talk

Do you have trouble understanding your colleagues and want to use and understand more of the expressions you hear at work every day?

This class is for fluent speakers of English who want to practice idioms and expressions that are used at the office. Students will do vocabulary exercises and practice role-playing in real-life situations.

Socio-Cultural Skills

Inside American Culture

This class will give you insight into “the American way” of thinking and behaving. The instructor will introduce and explain American attitudes, customs, values, and way of life; helping you to understand why people in the U.S. think, feel, and act the way they do! Students will have ample opportunity to discuss and compare cultures and to role-play real-life situations.

Communication Skills I

This class will focus on listening and speaking with the correct grammar, vocabulary, idioms, and pronunciation. Emphasis will be on practical English in such areas as using the telephone, accepting and declining invitations, agreement, disagreement, and negotiation, and making requests and recommendations. Students will do a variety of exercises and activities, both written and oral, to reinforce appropriate English expression and usage in all skills areas.

Communication Skills II

This class will further develop communication skills, with emphasis on practical English, from informal to business/formal, in such areas as information-getting, interruptions, offering and receiving help, giving instructions, discussing differences, giving directions, and dealing with moods and feelings. Students will do a variety of exercises and role-plays to practice real-life situations.

American Culture Through Film

This class will use American movies to provide practice in advanced listening, vocabulary enrichment, study of idioms, and discussion of attitudes, lifestyles, values, and themes common in the U.S. Focus will be on understanding key aspects on the culture.

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Specialized English

English For Special Purposes

This course focuses on the spoken and written communication skills need in specialized fields, such as banking, medicine, food and retail services, and various industries. Curriculum is tailored to the group focus and includes vocabulary, pronunciation, listening/speaking, and writing with lots of opportunity for practice and role-plays.

Intensive English

This course includes instruction in all language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing using a variety of materials and techniques to enhance the learning experience. It is offered at all levels.

Standardized Test Preparation

Test Preparation

Preparation courses including practice tests, complete explanation of test content, instruction in test-taking strategies, and exercises and techniques for mastering test content are offered for the following: TOEIC, TOEFL, ACT, SAT Verbal, GRE Verbal, GMAT Verbal, TASP, THEA, TWE, GED, TSE, SPEAK, U.S. Citizenship, and others.


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