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Why take the TOEIC? 

The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is  used by many businesses to measure the English proficiency of its employees.  It is often used as a basis for promotions and raises.  A good TOEIC score better qualifies you for the global workplace.

How can Englishworks help me get a good TOEIC score?

We offer TOEIC test preparation classes.  Materials include a text and CD’s with several practice tests.  The instructor will cover all aspects of the TOEIC, including on strategies for taking the TOEIC, exercises, explanations of problem areas, and techniques for improving your score.  Group classes are given in eight 1.5 hour sessions.  Contact us for more information.

Where can I take the TOEIC?

The TOEIC is only given in select locations.  Englishworks, Inc. is a certified TOEIC Test Center.  The test is given at our school approximately every six weeks.  Dates are set when we have the highest demand, so contact us to register for the TOEIC test, or to check for upcoming dates. The next TOEIC test will be held on February 25th, 2006.

How much does the TOEIC cost?

The current fee for the TOEIC test is $65.00, payable in advance.  Seats for the test are limited and are given to the first people who register and pay for the test.

To register for a TOEIC training class, or for the TOEIC test, contact us.

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